Shipping & Policies

Our Guarantee:

We guarantee all tubers to have one viable eye and  be true to variety. If either of these quality issues arise, please notify us by email. We will do our best to replace it with the same variety. Refunds will only be issued if we do not have the variety available any longer and there is a quality issue covered by our guarantee policy. Photos will be required for all guarantee claims.

No viable eye- since all tubers in spring are shipped with a visible eye, you must report receiving a blind tuber within 48 hours after receiving your package.  

Not true to Variety- must be reported by July 31st 2024.

Inspection of your order within 48 hours of receiving it for any damage claims or other quality issues.

All guarantees are immediately VOID, if any part of our transaction is posted on any form of social media in a negative light, including a post such as “will this grow?” or asking for advice, if you did not email us within the timeframes mentioned above with your concern -AND- Allow us a minimum of 2 business days to start the resolution process.

Our overall objective is to provide a strong, viable, dahlia tuber of your choosing, to all customers at every opportunity we are awarded but we will not tolerate publicly shaming us without providing us an opportunity to resolve the issue privately. We are human and mistakes can and will happen just like anybody else. We want a customer base who understands this and is kind and courteous while being understanding. 

We are NOT responsible for tubers that do not store well, for any reason. Some varieties are fussy. We are also NOT be responsible for any tubers frozen in transit. Fall shipping is shipped at your risk! 



1-4 tubers, $15.00 small flat rate box.

5-15 tubers, $22.00 medium flat rate box.

16-30 tubers, $28.00 large flat rate box.

31+ tubers, $40.00


Shipping of Potted Tubers:

Shipping in a large USPS flat rate box ONLY.

Shipping is $28 flat rate up to a quantity of 2- 2QT (5.5x5.5x6”) pots. If you order only one potted tuber, it will be shipped in a large box and the rest will be filled in with shipping materials to keep the plant in place. Your welcome to order Un-potted tubers with this order and we can place them in with the potted plants. We can also fit up to 5 potted 3.5x3.5x5” potted tubers and we can place un-potted tubers in the same box. If you order less than 5, they will still be shipped in a large flat rate box. If you order potted tubers, we will be in touch if your potted tubers and order in general will not fit into a large flat rate box. 

We ship tubers individually labeled in vermiculite or wood shavings. The exception to this is during our spring sales we sell small, ugly or small clumps of tubers that were grown from cuttings last year. If you purchase these discounted tubers they ARE absolutely eyed, some with sprouts up to 6” and are most likely rooted. They may ship with a little soil so we don’t disturb their roots. These will develop into full plants but maybe more prone to rotting since they are small. So it’s especially important you plant these in well draining soil and plant or pot up immediately. Please don’t purchase the small/ugly discounted tubers if you can not plant them or pot them up immediately!


We will combine shipping prior to tracking number and notification emails being sent and we'll refund any savings to you within 7 days of shipping. We can NOT combine shipping once we've emailed the tracking number and notification of shipment to you. 

Cancellation of orders at the customers request for any reason will result in a 15% restocking fee because we pay fees when orders are cancelled. 

We do NOT ship Internationally.


Shopping Tips

All coupon codes issued are one per customer per year.

All orders are first come first serve and online only. 

We recommend that you create an account with us and are ready to go at sale time if there is a variety that you really want. 

We have placed a limit of 1 on highly sought-after varieties to give more people an opportunity to obtain them. If you try to buy more, it will only delay your check out process as it will make you adjust your quantity before allowing you to check out. The limit of 1 is per household, so if we receive multiple orders going to the same address, we will cancel the additionals ordered.